I'm Sylvie!

My life’s message is to show that we are not defined by our past. That we can heal and grow from any trauma and challenge. And that the way for humanity to thrive is to come together united.

Throughout all of my life I went through some heartbreaking challenges. They have created in me strong and deep anger, sorrow, pain and rage. I’ve carried those emotions most of my life but I have understood that one of my biggest strength resides in the fact to be able to transmute them into strength, depth, empathy, self love and forgiveness.

I am extremely curious, passionated about life and particularly fascinated about what makes us all unique. My numerous and very diverse life experiences all around the globe, allowed me to develop a fine sense of what being human means; living through all of the nuances of emotions from excruciating grief to exhilarating joy!

My current work is to dive deep in my past wounds and traumas to free myself  from them and therefore my past, so I can fully live my present and freely create my future. I wish to help you through the same process and show you it’s possible.

Despite all of the pain I have lived, I am truly convinced that the true nature of humanity is profound peace and unlimited love. We find that within us.

I also believe we are not bound to be trapped into the cycles of our learning. I deeply trust we can free ourselves from repeating the patterns inducted upon us from our transgenerational trauma, conditioning and past experiences. I believe that to be true as individuals but also for the whole humanity.

I advocate that although the story of humankind as so far being crippled by wars, suffering an opposition, we have the power to stop it. “Impossible isn’t something that can’t be done. It’s just something that hasn’t been done before.” I have showed over and over in my life, that despite the odds, we can achieve anything. And my biggest understandings through all of it, is that we are stronger when we are together. The most powerful tools that we have are our hearts and team work.

I believe we all can heal and come together to thrive. It’s about the courage to look at the shadow within us to create light. We change the world by changing ourselves.

It’s about trusting that everybody will do their part and knowing we will do it together. Let’s go!

Human, Trailblazer, Football Player