DC Divas, A Dream Come True

I am beyond grateful to have finally been able to suit up in maroon and being part of a legendary organisation such as the DC Divas.

In 2014, at the very intense Parisian Regional Camp, my first ever playing QB, our Head Coach asked us to write what our football goals were. I inked down: to play for Team France and in the WFA, at the highest level of women’s football in the US, on the East Coast, being part of the biggest rivalry of Women’s football: DC vs Boston!

I won Offensive MVP over the boys U19 that week, and knew then that football is what I am meant to do, what brought the best out of me and a way to fulfil my life’s purpose.

I’ve followed the DC Divas ever since, dreaming of playing with them. After signing with the team in 2020 and a blank season due to Covid 19, I have been honoured to become the starting QB in 2021 and earned the Most Improved Player Award.

Always go for your boldest goals! It works!

A vibrant culture and legacy that I am proud to help shape, embrace and represent.

Europe Warriors, the experience that made me love football again

I am grateful I was selected to play for the Europe Warriors in their first game against Mexico in December 2019 in Mexico City. After an unforgettable week alongside amazing teammates and coaches, I was humbled to win game MVP with 2 interceptions, 1 defended pass, 5 tackles and 42 returned yards. Thank you for all of them to have helped me prepare during our camp and to bring the best out of me being supportive and having a great team spirit!


Football will always surprise me and push the edges of my world, inner and exterior.

Seattle Majestics, the big leap of faith!

I debuted my US football carrer by playing for the Seattle Majestics. I believed I reached my full potential in Europe and was ready to play at the highest level of football in the US. I was eager to push myself to be the best I could be and open up the possibilities to what I could accomplish in life. I left everything behind in Europe and followed my American dream. In Seattle, I proved myself I belonged on the field. I also Facing a lot of adversities, I confirmed I have the heart to overcome any obstacle.

Captain, Quarterback, Safety, Specialist

Seattle Majestics

Sylvie debuted in the USA in 2019 by joining the Seattle Majestics for the launch of the WNFC. During her rookie season, Sylvie was made team captain and mainly started at Safety.


yards returned
defended passes


pass defended
passing TD
rushing yards
passing yards

I appreciate Sylvie's leadership! Since she has gotten to America she has been a model athlete and represent all of the best characteristics this game can bring out in a person! She is a student of the game, a grinder who is always working to get better and she pours herself into this team.That pick against the San Diego Suerge was a huge pivotal play made by an awesome football player!

Taylor GlasenappDefensive Coach

Where to begin on the intangibles? Sylvie came to our team without knowing anyone and from another side of the world. By the end of training camp, she had garnered everyone’s respect and was a true leader. She was a team captain throughout the season due to her continued leadership on and off the field. She is competitive and has a great work ethic. She always wants to learn more and is extremely coachable. She loves film and is a determined study when it comes to learning concepts and breaking down defenses.

Sylvie is a gunslinger style QB that has a big arm and can throw the deep ball. Her ability to move in the pocket and buy time to use her arm talent and get the ball down the field ensures that DBs have to cover our WRs 40 yards downfield. Also, she can tuck it and run.

Kendrick RiceQuarterback Coach

Sylvie was a forceful defender for us at the Safety position. She had a really natural feel for the game there and often times was able to diagnose a play quickly and react accordingly. Sylvie was tied for the team lead in Interceptions showcasing that she has a nose for the football at that position. What really impressed us the most about Sylvie, however, was her incredible drive and leadership on and off the field. She is a natural leader who was selected as a captain on our team as a Rookie.

Scott McCarronHead Coach

Dragons de Paris, my heart.

Founding Dragons has been the most beautiful project of my life so far, both on the human and athletic sides. Creating a harmonious team with a strong culture of unity, sportsmanship and grind has been so rewarding. I’ve put everything I got into it, sweat and tears. It has been challenging at times, a daily work that takes so much out of you. But the team and our accomplishments on and off the field have been worth all of it. I’ve been given back the double of what I offered! When all of my teammates and whole association supported me in the most difficult time of my life, I knew we are truly one! I feel immensely grateful and proud.

Founder, Captain, Quarterback, Safety, Coach

Dragons de Paris

I co-founded the Paris Dragons Women Team in 2014.

The Dragons have had a winning record and a Conference Final appearance in all of the seasons I played as starting QB and Safety.

We also has a winning record as a ‘high school football’ coach as an Offensive Coordinator for Dragons U16 and Head Coach. I have been the first woman to be a Coordinator and Head Coach for a boys team in France. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have been lucky to be part of the first coaching team of perfect women/men equality thanks to the trust of the Paris Dragons administration.

I have been part of the first women referees to administrate men’s games and one of the two first female white cap ref. in France.

Founder, Captain, Quarterback, Safety, Coach

Dragons de Paris

Dragons Offensive MVP
2014 Regional Camp Offensive MVP (Women & Men)
Dragons Most Motivated Player
Dragons Most Helpful Player
France Champion by Region as QB1

The first time I coached Sylvie was in 2014 at the Parisian Regional Football Camp for U19 male players and also a few female ones. The camp is extremely demanding and intense both physically and mentally. Sylvie was playing her first season as a QB and excelled at it. She has shown incredible leadership, dedication and hard work. So as she won overall Offensive MVP over male QBs that had played the position for several years. She came out showing what a QB should be like, having touch, arm strength, brains and all of the intangibles.

She is one of the hardest working athlete that I have trained since I started coaching football at the highest level of men’s football. Off the field Sylvie is a great teammate and has the unique ability to unite around her.

Michael MarionHead Coach IDF

I have been the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator of the Parisian regional women’s team (Dragons, Molosses and Flash) from 2014 to 2017. She has always been the undiscussed QB1 up against competition. Mixed with rival teams players she does as great, leads by example, is very competitive and relentless as a player.

In all of my dealings with Sylvie she has shown to be a woman of character, intelligence and talent. She is the pioneer of women football in France. Her passion for football is immense and her will to be great even bigger.

Michael MarionHead Coach IDF

Seinäjoki Crocodiles, the start of the dream!

I recall the summer 2016 as the most beautiful of my life. Discovering an amazing country, a culture that is dear to me now and most importantly the Fins that I appreciate in a very special way. I have been blessed with Crocodiles that have welcomed me in such an incredible way on and off the field. I couldn’t have dreamed of any better than that. In such a competitive league, I learned so much from great coaches and my talented and yet so humble teammates. The Finnish way of life still inspires me to the day and I often find myself thinking of those great moments and mind-blowing landscapes.

To leave the job I hated, to play the game I love, has been deeply impactful for me. I realised I’m free!

Captain, Quarterback, Safety, Receiver, Specialist

Seinäjoki Crocodiles


2016 Crocodiles Best Teammate
Game MVP
Yards Fumble Return TD
Captain, Quarterback, Safety, Receiver, Specialist

Seinäjoki Crocodiles

I have been humbled to play at the highest level of woman football in Europe, the Finnish Maple League, as part of Seinäjoki Crocodiles. I am immensely grateful to them to have given her the opportunity to play football internationally and become the first semi pro female French football player. In 2016, the Crocodiles went to the Conference Final, I was the second best tackler of the team and in the top 10 of the league, won 2 Game MVP titles and was elected best teammate of the year.

I came back the season of 2017 to be starting QB and team Captain.