Exos Fairfax VA

Sport Performance Training

Through training, nutrition, rehabilitation, and sport science services, Exos provides the support needed to help pro meet their goals.

Exos provides both short-term and long-term training programs to optimize physical and mental performance for professional athletes as they gear up for the season. Athlete evaluations help to determine each athlete’s current physical abilities and weaknesses and provide solutions to meet their goals. And athlete development support helps assess current performance systems, injury trends, and areas of concern for management.

For injury concerns, their injury-management system includes injury-trend analysis, injury management, and new program implementation.

Cardiovascular training and consultation services are also available to assess peak training intensity, rest requirements, and physical needs.

Exos also provides strategic nutrition planning to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve a higher level of performance.

Matt Burn


``Women play every bit as hard as men do. They deserve the same recognition and respect that they receive. I'm glad and proud to be able to help achieve that goal.``