“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses […], long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali

The idea of creating the Pushing Forward Women Football camps has grown into me when I started playing in the US. For years I was thinking of organising football camps in Europe bringing the best of American coaches to develop our sport for youth, women and men.

It is only in 2019 when I came to play in the United States willing to push for women to become pros that I realised so much needs to be done in the country of football itself. As women and athletes that need to pay to play, we don’t access the best of coaching, football minds, sport infrastructures, recovery methods and health and nutrition advice. I came to the US to develop my skills and football IQ to the best possible and realised that the means are not accessible for many of my teammates and fellow women football players in the country. My goal is to make them reachable to all of us, in the US and worldwide.

“Pushing Forward”, came up to my mind when reflecting on my quest to play in the US. Not only I dream to elevate my game but also the one of all girls and women playing football, any other sport or just fighting for equality and justice in life. I want to show the world we can play as good as men if given the same means. A lot is slowing us down but nothing is stopping us. Just gotta fight until we make it. Push forward!

My experience playing football in different countries and meeting so many players from all around the world made me realise we are all animated by the same transcending passion and are fighting the same difficulties with an unparalleled strength and will. It takes a lot yes, but we have even more in tank!

The Pushing Forward camps aim to bring to women the chance to train with the best coaches and have access to the best facilities; to train and play like pros!