A life transformed by football

Fulfill Your dreams and have an impact

Sylvie has always been a brilliant student. She first discovered and reflected on the world through the prism of history, literature, arts, and philosophy. To have a bigger impact on society she thought she should be at its core and pursued studying Business Management and Economics at the Sorbonne University where she got her Masters with honors. 

After a successful career as a business consultant and a marketing executive for several years, she realised she wanted to spend her life with purpose and have an impact on the world. She decided to quit everything and leave her security and all certainties behind to play tackle football in the United States, fulfil her dream, and contribute to a cause way bigger than just sports.

Football is also about inner battles and it is a metaphor of life and a symbol of society. Playing as a woman represents even more. It is a stand to prove that women can be fighters, be strong and ball! To this day, no woman is professional as of yet. Contributing to grow this sport is a stand to defend equal pay and equal rights throughout society. 

Another sport where there is no future for women? Sylvie is dedicated to prove the world wrong on this.

Strong with her solid background in Operational Excellence and Business Management, Sylvie has decided to use her skills to bring to female football players the best of coaching and infrastructure. To become a pro, you have to train and play like one and Sylvie is ready to help female football players in this regard too.

International football player

Sylvie started playing soccer as a kid in the south of France. She was the only girl among boys, but despite that she was the most physical player on the team. She was the sweeper and was made team captain during all her career due to her tremendous leadership ability. She remembers her dad telling her to choose another sport as there was no future for girls in soccer, but she decided to follow her passion nevertheless. Since then, she has faced even more adversity as a woman playing a sport (football) that is typically seen as one solely for men.

In 2012, Sylvie fell in love with American football when she played with the first women’s tackle football team in France against team Spain, and she never looked back. On top of the thrill and the high adrenaline rush, Sylvie loves how this ultimate team sport brings people together. As a firm believer that being together makes everyone stronger, Sylvie is fuelled by the challenge of rallying people from the most diverse horizons to work toward a common goal.

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Natural born foodie & limitless performer

Sylvie was born in Italy, where she lived with her Italian mother and Algerian father before moving to the south of France. All of these countries’ strong food cultures have spiced up Sylvie’s heritage and have inspired her since she was a child.  Passionated about flavours and nature, Sylvie has cooked for all her life. Discovering, growing and mixing up the best of the ingredients nature can provide.  

Sylvie has always been passionate for food and cuisine as a way to share love, culture and knowledge from the Earth. As a young adult she dove into nutrition, eager to understand at a deeper level how the food she loves fuels our bodies to help us thrive, be healthy, and perform.

In 2012, after complications linked to her breaking her foot 5 years before, Sylvie was told that she could never run anymore and was bound to only cycle and swim for the rest of her life. On a journey to keep on playing football and get her body healthy again, she found several ways to help her body function in the best way possible, recover faster, and ultimately prevent injuries. 

With 12 years of personal research and experimentation, she wants to share her discoveries, routines, recipes and tips that have helped her to thrive on several performance techniques and a mainly plant based diet all her life. 

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