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44 seconds, 60 yards to go & a TD for the win! That’s the kind of show Tom Brady gifted us last Sunday! The kind of thrills he got me used to since I started watching football.

He inspired me in so many ways throughout the years but what I’m still the most amazed about and so grateful for is that he instilled in me the deep belief that no matter the circumstances, it’s always possible!

Tom Brady has been extremely present in my life during the last decade playing football. If you know, you know.

He inspired me not to care about all the doubters and haters and how little what people think of me really matters. He confirmed my natural inclination to believe in a holistic approach to health that makes wonders & he pushed me to always dive deeper in learning about how the body works and how to get the best out of it. He comforted me by allowing me to trust that hard work, dedication, leading by example, caring for people, mindset mastery, and focus can make anything happen.

When you truly and sincerely do your part, you can then know, some magic is bound to happen!

What he was about always felt natural & true to me. While I would love to have had his success on the field, I’m now doing my best to approach life as a whole following his footsteps. So although he has no clue about it, he’s been a huge support on my healing journey. How many times have I compared it to the comeback against the Falcons at Super Bowl LI – in which I fully believed they would succeed even when the Patriots were trailing 28 – 3 in the 3rd quarter? It’s an amazing story of strong drive, deep belief and perfect execution!

TB12 made the impossible possible when everyone thought it could never be done. He proved to me over and over it can! Now, I believe I can do the same too.

He retired in January, a few days after I had to abruptly uproot my whole life leaving the US to heal an advanced tumor in France. Knowing me, many friends and loved ones reached out asking how I was taking the news.

The truth is that I cried & was sincerely devastated. My life as I knew it was completely falling apart and watching him play always brought me immense joy. So on top of all the rest I was dealing with, I was losing an anchor that also symbolised a certain stability for my life. He was a huge pillar for me for a whole decade.

What saddened me the most is that my wife Sarah and I were planning to go watch him play in Tampa Bay at the end of 2021. It was a big dream of mine and we didn’t know if I’d have the chance to do so again. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip due to the chaos, financial instability and health emergency leading to my sudden move across the world.

But I don’t get beaten that easily and I don’t stay down for long.

Seeing him play live before he retires is one of my biggest dreams, the kind you have as a kid. Because of this, I decided to be in Munich for the game that the Bucs have coming up, although I don’t have a ticket yet. The ones currently on the market are financially out of reach but I believe we can make the impossible happen!

This coming Sunday I’ll be at the Allianz Arena to attend the game and I am manifesting it all works out. Can we make it happen somehow? Please help me make my dream come true so I can see Tom Brady play at least once before he retires. I would greatly appreciate if you share this out to your communities and we can make magic happen together.